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A multi-passionate entrepreneur with deep intuitive gifts, Alexis Logan has a knack for three things:

1. Turning ideas into profitable businesses within 30 days of launch.

2. Supporting successful entrepreneurs on a spiritual path to reach their next level of success.

3. Helping gutsy venture capitalists (individual and firms) navigate the best investments options for them based on their unique wealth code. 

Alexis believes success is an inside game, first and foremost, based on your true desires and the call of your soul, your true north. When you choose to follow what you know is for you, fulfillment, wealth, and success are inevitable. 

With a background in psychology, social work, and energy healing, she holds a deep transformational space for clients to release what holds them back, move toward the version of themselves they desire to be, and accelerate their goals and personal fulfillment. 

Alexis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Virginia,  a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan, and certification in Akashic Records plus other energy work modalities.  

Current Ventures